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An affiliate program is a web-based referral system where you can recommend the Treadmill Trainer workouts to other people with a special code. When you do so, and someone purchases, you'll receive a commission for each sale. When you sign-up for our affiliate program, you'll be authorized to promote and sell the Treadmill Trainer workouts through your newsletter, your website, via Pay-Per-Click ads, or any other on-line marketing programs.

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Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
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P.P.S. After you register as an affiliate, you should receive a confirmation email from us (Total Wellness Consulting - our company) within minutes or even seconds. You must confirm your subscription or you will not receive our affiliate newsletters or your login information! If you do not receive our confirmation email, check your trash bin, as it may be getting blocked by your spam software or ISP filters (then, be sure to add to your "white list" of approved senders - we send our affiliate newsletters from info(at)

Please note that hotmail, yahoo and other free email addresses often filter out even the email you want to receive, mistaking it for spam. We'd hate to end up in your "junk mail" folder so we recommend you subscribe with your best (primary) email address because you won't want you to miss any important announcements when we offer special promotion opportunities (which are ONLY announced to our Treadmill Trainer affiliate newsletter list).

If you're already a Treadmill Trainer affiliate then you can click here to login to get all your promotional tools.


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