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The Word on the Street...

"Words can't express how lucky I was to have found your Treadmill Trainer. I saw a video of yours on the internet and went to your website.

I started on volume 2 so i could begin with a good challenge, I will admit I made it through my first session but it was definitely not easy, but like you said Yuri, it's the outcome not the process. Now I can honestly say I have been using your Treadmill Trainer for a month now and the results are insane!!!!

My love handles are gone, I can actually see my abs because all the fat is gone off my body, and even my legs are toned and I feel AMAZING!!!! I still have a little more to go, but Ive never been in this good of shape before.

I have recommended your product to several people and even have my brother on treadmill trainer. It really is one of the best investments I have ever made. I lost all the body fat I aimed for, and not once at the gym have I lifted a single weight.

These programs can work for anyone because they're completely relative to the listener. Thanks for everything Yuri, Im definitely ready for the beach now. Thanks a million!"

Mitchell Leonard
Dallas, Texas


"I am 38 and have never been a runner and needed much guidance on how to run. When I first started running, I could only run about 1/8 mile non-stop and I was done. Now, after 3 weeks, I can run 1.5 miles non-stop at a fast pace.
Amazingly, I couldn't believe how easy your program was to follow, not to mention all the great tips you give on how to become a better runner.
Thank you so much Yuri!  You and your Treadmill Trainer™ workouts are awesome."

David Wiessner
Rialto, California


"What a workout! What else can I say."
"With Volume 3, I covered 6 miles, burned 650 calories, and felt amazing - all in just 43 minutes. The Treadmill Trainer™ workouts are awesome! I've never seen anything that can produce such incredible results!

Jim K.
Toronto, Canada


"Thank you for this great program. I've been running for the last 18 years with only limited success. Initially I lost 30 pounds, but that was ages ago, and over the years much of it had crept back and I no longer got the satisfaction I once did from my running.

Your program has reinvigorated my interest - by providing well-structured, flexible routines that continuously challenge me, I'm amazed to be getting a better workout with less effort than just trying to run for 30 minutes straight."

Brent Marsh
Penfield, NY


"It's a nice feeling to finish a training session knowing you gave it your all. The Trainer Treadmill makes this possible! I especially enjoy Treadmill Trainer volume 4 and 5. These workouts help me keep going even when it gets hard. Listening to your voice (over mp3) is a big help. I am an 47 years old former elite runner 2:28:33 marathoner but nowadays I just train too feel good. I still do races from 5k to half-marathons. Thank you for your help and motivation."

Lennart Bengtsson
Asa C, Sweden


"Thanks so much for the awesome Treadmill Trainer workouts. Two weeks ago, I purchased a Hill Runner 1 and Treadmill Trainer volume 4. In just a short time, these workouts have increased my endurance, speed, hill climbing ability, and most importantly helped me to stay motivated.

This has allowed me to push myself harder during my workouts, and give me an added boost of confidence during races. I can't wait to try the other programs in the Treadmill Trainer Series. Thanks again Yuri!"

Lani Ralston
Connecticut, USA




Treadmill Trainer "All-in-Run" Package

Buy all "original" 13 Treadmill Trainer running workouts and SAVE 15% OFF their regular price and get $449 worth running bonuses for FREE!

Here's what you get:

All 7 "Original" iPod Running Workouts

($139.65 retail value)



All of the 5k, 10k, and Half-Marathon Training Schedules

($59.85 retail value)


Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, and Stretching for Runners

($74.85 retail value)  

Total retail value of these 13 programs is $274.35



You Also Get These Incredible Bonuses Worth $449!



The Treadmill Trainer Training Log ($39 value)

Use this great tool to keep track of your mileage, record how you feel before/during/after your runs, and how you're progressing towards your goal. It's yours absolutely FREE!



Treadmill Trainer Pace Chart ($10 value)

Detailed chart showing you exactly what your pace needs to be in order to achieve your desired results in 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and marathon races! A "must-have" for any serious runner.



NSCA Speed Development Journal ($50 value)

Discover great training techniques and tools for developing greater running speed from the world's leading authority on conditioning - the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Tons of great articles, tips, and speed development programs for you to enjoy!



Audio Download: "How to Choose Proper Running Shoes & Are Orthotics a Scam?" with Dr. Henry Candelaria ($100 value)

In this 60-minute teleclass you will how to choose a running shoe that is suited for "your" feet and learn the startling truth about orthotics.



Audio Download: "Your Performing Edge and the Psychology of Champions" with Dr. Joann Dalhkoetter ($100 value)

In this 60-minute teleclass Dr. Joann shares her winning psychology tactics that she's employed with the hundreds of U.S. Olympic athletes that she's worked with. You'll feel unstoppable and ready to achieve any goal after listening to this audio.



On-Going Email Support ($150 value)

You will be encouraged and continually motivated through my timely emails that will keep you on track and pumped to give the most you can in each run. You will also be the first to learn of new running tips, strategies, and other great running resources!

Total Package Value = $723.35

YOU PAY ONLY $197.50!

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