Uphill Walking Benefits

uphill walkingUphill walking is…

one of the most effective ways of improving your aerobic endurance, sculpting your legs, and burning fat.

And, I’ve got a couple ninja tactics to make uphill walking even more effective for you. Those are coming your way tomorrow but for now let me give you 3 reasons why uphill walking should be a part of your workout regime.

#1 – Uphill walking burns more calories

It’s simple biomechanics…

The more you can challenge your body vertically, the more calories you’ll burn. Think about it…

When you walk on a flat surface, everything seems pretty easy, right?

But as soon as you increase the incline on the treadmill or do any kind of hills outdoors, your body begins to warm-up more rapidly and your breathing becomes more laboured.

These are both signs that your body is burning more calories.

So if you don’t like running or can’t run do to injuries, uphill/incline walking is AWESOME for you!

I remember when we were in a Mexico…

We had a condo that required us to walk up a very steep hill to get to. This steep driveway was about 300m in length and walking it several times a day was one of the main reasons neither Amy nor I put on any weight during our trip.

#2 – Uphill walking strengthens your legs and firms up your butt

There’s nothing better than having strong legs. The feeling that nothing can slow you down because your legs will carry through anything is a pretty awesome feeling.

Walking uphill will get your legs strong without necessarily bulking them up. Ladies, if you want toned legs with sexy definition, my word will uphill walking do it for you.

Guys, if you want the same or want more powerful legs, then walking an incline is a must. You’ll have defined calves, stronger hamstrings, and a better butt.

On that note, who doesn’t want a firmer butt? Even I do. Having great glutes serves 2 main purposes…

First, you will be more powerful (because the glutes are the biggest muscles in your body) which will help you lift more, run faster, and be a better athlete.

Second, having strong glutes will protect your lower back by restoring the proper muscular balance around your hips.

And let’s not forget how good you’ll look in those jeans or Lululemon pants.

#3 – Uphill walking skyrockets your aerobic endurance

Even if you can’t run or don’t like running, incline walking can provide similar aerobic benefits. As I said earlier, when you begin to work more vertically (ie. on an incline) your body is forced to produce more force.

In order to do that, your heart must pump harder and faster to provide the necessary oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles. Over time, your heart becomes more efficient at doing this and that’s how you enhance your aerobic endurance.

Pretty cool, eh?

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with a killer strategy that will enhance these 3 benefits even further. And I’ll reveal 2 mistakes that most people make when the incline walking on the treadmill.

So be sure to check your email tomorrow for these essential tips.

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6 Responses to “Uphill Walking Benefits”

  1. Jeff D says:

    How about a note about not holding onto the treadmill while they do incline walking?

  2. Margaret says:

    Ahh yes, uphill walking. I used to do this all the time on the treadmill. I would set the incline so that the walk would be very challenging then progressively set the incline back down to 0. That was a good workout. I am going to have to revisit that workout.

    For even more of a challenge I like to add a weighted vest.

  3. Jillian says:

    The Biggest Loser US has been using this for years. It is so effective, especially for bigger people.

  4. Diane Flynn says:

    I have gotten the download to my desktop, how do I put it on my iPod?

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