The Truth About Calorie Burning Treadmill Workouts

calorie burning treadmill workoutsDo Calorie Burning Treadmill Workouts Deliver?

In short, yes they do. However, there’s one vital factor you need to be aware of from the word go. It’s impossible to guarantee that any workout will burn a specific number of calories in 30 or 45 minutes. Calorie burning treadmill workouts do not come with a magic number. No two runners are the same. There are weight, metabolic and medical differences to take into account. All of these factors have a huge effect on the number of calories used during a running session.

I’ve come across stacks of runners who try routines that claim to burn hundreds of calories but fail to deliver. Remember this – if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Let’s use an example to highlight unrealistic claims.

A routine that promises a rate of 300 calories burned through walking and light jogging for 25 minutes isn’t going to meet expectations. You’ll need a well-designed routine of 30-45 minutes to achieve significant calorie loss. Jumping on and plodding away isn’t going to cut it. The key to truly productive calorie burning treadmill workouts is a combination of pace, variety and frequency. A structured plan will help you tick all 3 boxes.

I’m certainly not saying you can’t get better results in less time. Quite the opposite! That’s where iPod workouts come in handy. They’re specifically designed to optimize time spent training. Use the treadmill to its full potential and you can get really surprising results.

The Best Calorie Burning Treadmill Workouts

Whilst all treadmill workouts will burn calories, some are way more effective than others. It’s all about maximising your training time and getting the best out of your machine.

Calorie burning treadmill workouts make full use of both runner and treadmill. These routines don’t just blast calories, they also help with fat loss. Essential if you want to lose weight and keep it off on a permanent basis.

Let’s take a look at 3 types of routine that do deliver…

Calorie Burning Treadmill Workouts: Intervals

An interval training iPod workout is a great way of burning both calories and fat. High and low intensity bouts of running triggers fast and slow muscle twitch fibres into gear. You also get the all-important ‘after burn’ effect. Not sure what that actually means? It’s an effect that describes the process by which your body continues to burn calories at a high rate after you’ve finished exercising.

Calorie Burning Treadmill Workouts: Strength Training

Treadmills aren’t just for walking and running. They’re excellent tools for strength training too.  I talked about the after burn effect in relation to interval training above. Well, guess what? It’s also triggered by strength training. Go for calorie burning treadmill workouts that incorporate strength training and you’ll get a double whammy. These fall into different categories. Those that incorporate dumbbells and the hill routines.

 Calorie Burning Treadmill Workouts: Hills

They’re demanding but boy do they pay off when it comes to increasing your calorie burn rate. Check out my iPod workout specifically for hills. It’s designed for use on the treadmill only. Running uphill at a steady incline doesn’t just burn calories. Your aerobic endurance and strength levels will go through the roof! If you want the best possible results in the minimum amount of time, look no further.

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