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Treadmill Trainer - YOGA FOR RUNNERS

Running is a terrific activity but let's face it...

It leads to tight muscles, soreness, and reduced flexibility.

This stiffness limits range of motion in your joints, creates muscular imbalances that affect your running stride, and can increase your risk of injury.

If you want to stay healthy and extend your running longevity then you will certainly benefit from this NEW Yoga for Runners routine.

This yoga program is perfect for ALL fitness levels and targets strength, stability, aand flexibility in the key areas that matter most...

ONLY $39.95




Treadmill Trainer Hill Trekker

Yes, it's true! The rumours are correct, and if you've been out of the loop, then say hello the ultimate incline walking workout that provides similar benefits as running!

Imagine trekking through the rolling Sierra hills or being able to summit Mt. Kilamanjaro without having to be an advanced runner or athlete. Well thanks to this brand new can!

Okay, but maybe you're not interested in scaling a mountain...maybe you're just looking for a fantastic walking workout that can help you burn more calories and lose weight.

Well, look no further. Thanks to the strategically designed hill challenges in this workout, you will achieve similar benefits to running at top speeds, and without the unwanted stress on your joints.


ONLY $19.95




Treadmill Trainer Rolling Hill "Sprintervals"

As you know, interval training is THE best way to improve your running endurance and to burn fat.

You also know that uphill/incline running is tougher - and thus more beneficial - than running on a flat surface for achieving both of those goals.

And now...

I've combined BOTH to give you the ultimate high-octane Treadmill Trainer workout!


ONLY $19.95




Treadmill Trainer Vol. 1 - Intermediate

Many of our Volume 1 clients wanted a beginner walk-jog workout that would better prepare them for the running demands of Volume 2. it is!

Enjoy a more gradual session that will get you running a little bit longer each and every workout. It won't be long before you're running like a pro!



ONLY $19.95


Treadmill Trainer Vol. 1 - Advanced

To help out our beginner runners even further, we created Volume 1 - Advanced. Through the use of longer jogging intervals, this walk-jog workout will get you fitter and used to spending more time running, instead of walking.

If you're looking to move onto Volume 2, then this advanced beginner workout is a must. With just a few sessions you'll feel fitter than ever and ready to take on your next running challenge!


ONLY $19.95


Treadmill Trainer Vol. 2 - Intermediate

This interval running workout is slightly more advanced than the original TT Volume 2 workout. Volume 2 - Intermediate offers another great tool to add more variety to your runs, helping you reduce boredom and improve your results from less time.

This newest 42-minute workout involves sections of progressive runs and new and exciting interval training challenges.

If you've run with Volume 2, you'll love this one too!


ONLY $19.95


Treadmill Trainer Vol. 2 - Advanced

Another new addition to the TT Volume 2 series, this 44-minute advanced workout features a brand new form of run training that we call "pyramid progressive runs".

These challenging runs offer a slightly different take to the traditional interval training runs offered in most of our Treadmill Trainer running workouts. Again, the goal is to add variety and to offer your body a new challenge so that you don't hit plateaus and continue realizing amazing running and/or fat loss results!


ONLY $19.95


Treadmill Trainer Vol. 3 - Intermediate

A new member to the TT Volume 3 series of running workouts. This volume is for the intermediate-advanced runner and is the perfect addition to any 5k or 10k training program.

A new feature of this workout is the use of "5-4-3-2-1" intervals. Stated simply, this type of interval training will help you run at your faster speeds for a longer period of time. Isn't that what we're all after, anyways?

Volume 3 - Intermediate is a motivating running workout that (again) offers you more variety to prevent boredom and to help you run faster with less training!

ONLY $19.95


Treadmill Trainer Vol. 3 - Advanced

Slightly more advanced than it's "intermediate" predecessor, this 44-minute riveting running workout will get you fitter faster than you ever thought possible.

Featuring 2 new and exciting interval sections that will challenge even the fittest runners, Volume 3 - Advanced will strengthen your physical and mental toughness to overcome any obstacles - in running and in life!

Another amazing addition for the 5k or 10k enthusiast.


ONLY $19.95


Treadmill Trainer "Fit Test"

Wouldn't it be great if you had a "test" to measure your running progress? Well, now you do!

By far, one of the most exciting new additions to the Treadmill Trainer series, Fit Test is a running-specific test to indirectly measure your aerobic endurance (aka. your VO2max).

This 12-minute run test is best used every 4-6 weeks as an indicator of how much amazing progress you've made with your runs! Plus, you'll get to discover your VO2max based on your results - pretty cool if you ask me!

ONLY $19.95


Treadmill Trainer "VO2max Challenge"

Elite athletes measure their VO2 max - or aerobic endurance - by undergoing a grueling maximal run test.

The goal of this 30-minute workout/test is NOT to subject you to that kind of pain but instead to give you a taste of a progressive running test to measure your running fitness.

VO2max Challenge features progressively faster speeds and incline levels and is a modified version of the "real" VO2 max test. Not only is it an amazing workout but it can also be used to test your overall running endurance.

Designed for ALL fitness levels!

ONLY $19.95


Stretching for Runners (audio)

What you do or don't do after your runs has a HUGE impact on your ability to recover, prevent stiffness, and maintain a healthy running body. You're about to learn the secrets!

Many of our clients wanted an audio-guided cool down + stretching program for after their runs. Now you've got it.

This audio version takes you through a comprehensive cool down and then guides you through the sequence of running stretches prescribed in the original Stretching for Runners program.

And to top it all off, you'll be led through several minutes of relaxation to fully recover from your workout and to allow your body to "soak in" your terrific run!

ONLY $19.95




NEW "All-in-Run" Package (ALL 9 New Workouts)

Want to grab all the new Treadmill Trainer workouts and SAVE BIG?

Then order our NEW "All-in-Run" Package and get all 9 of the newest Treadmill Trainer (as shown above) and instantly GET 22% OFF your order!

Each sold separately, all of these programs would come to $179.55 but when you order the NEW "All-in-Run" Package you instantly SAVE 22% on your order (that's a savings of $39.60!!!)


$139.95 Special






All of these programs are digital downloads. You will receive an email upon purchase with your downloads.


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