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Treadmill Trainer™ Volume 1







"When I first started running, I could only run about 1/8 mile non-stop and I was done. Now, after 3 weeks, I can run 1.5 miles non-stop at a fast pace."

"I am 38 and have never been a runner and needed much guidance on how to run.
Amazingly, I couldn't believe how easy your program was to follow, not to mention all the great tips you give on how to become a better runner.
My wife has also started using the program and has seen great results. We've gone from hating to run, to can't live without it. I can't wait to begin volume 2 this week.
Thank you so much Yuri!  You and your Treadmill Trainer™ workouts are awesome."
David Wiessner
Rialto, California


"I'm a runner!"

I'm 45 years old and I've never done any running at all but it has always been my dream to run. I downloaded your Treadmill Trainer™ 1 and I love it. It was just the right pace for me and I found your words very encouraging. Tonight when I finished my run I looked in the mirror and I thought "I'm a runner!". Tomorrow I'm ready to download level 2!

Andrea Jolliffe
London, Canada


"By the end of the first week I could do the warm up and initial intervals easily!"

"I was recovering from a car accident and wanted to improve my fitness level and lose weight. When I started with Treadmill Trainer volume 1 I could only do the warm up and the first set of intervals.

However, by the end of the first week I could do the warm up and initial intervals easily so I added on the second section of intervals. It was hard to begin with but I did it. Then I added the third set of intervals! I was SO pleased and now I can do the third section easily. The best thing is being told that there's only 8 seconds left !!! Thanks for the great motivation and awesome workouts Yuri!"

Karen Bacon
Dibden Purlieu, UK


" It's brilliant and keeps me motivated until the end!"

"Yuri, I just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying running on the treadmill with Treadmill Trainer volume 1. It's brilliant and keeps me motivated until the end. Your discussion of proper running form and biomechanics are great - it helps me to focus mentally on the right things. I love the final section and your encouragement to reach the 4 minute jogging goal – as a beginner that’s huge!

Yesterday I took a day off from running and I must say that I missed you. I'm looking forward to moving on to TT #2 in a week. This has been a great find and I've already spread the good word to several friends.

Thanks. I look forward to running with you after work today."

Louise Howard
New York City, USA


"I have really noticed my endurance and pace improve..."

... I have also noticed that I am able to run faster and farther.

I like the interval workout because I would get bored with running and the intervals really keep me motivated and interested in what I am doing. I feel like I am getting a better workout compared to just running at a consistent pace.

I feel that Treadmill Trainer Volume 1 is a great way to get started with a fitness program."

Alison R.
Chicago, USA


"I love my Treadmill Trainer™!"

"When I go to the gym I don’t have to think about what I am going to do or even keep track of time. Yuri takes care of it all. He motivates me, educates me, and inspires me. The time goes by so fast that I can hardly believe it’s time to stop.

I am a beginner runner and couldn’t do it without him talking me through it.

Colleen Rutledge
Fallbrook, California


"This is why his revolutionary...Treadmill Trainer MP3 guided workout is so fabulous!"

"Yuri and exercise are synonymous with creative, inventive, challenging and totally fun!

What I admire most about Yuri is his knowledge and understanding of exercise physiology and sport psychology. He utilizes this not only to motivate a maximum effort, but also to support and encourage the attempt. Yuri’s Treadmill Trainer™ workouts are totally energizing and leave me feeling fit and healthy.

The same knowledge and creativity that Yuri delivers in a personal session have been transmitted to an audio format that I can take with me wherever I go. Best of all, the audio is not ‘canned or computerized’. It literally feels as if Yuri is personally there with me; encouraging and motivating as always.

I highly recommend Treadmill Trainer™ workouts. They’ve really spiced up my workouts and have made going to the gym (and running) fun and beneficial to my health and well-being!"

Nathalie Peladeau
Toronto, Canada


"I have been looking for something like this for ages and I am so pleased to have finally found it!"

"I would just like to say how fantastic the Treadmill Trainer is. I really enjoy using my treadmill now and Yuri keeps me smiling along the way. I have recommended it to all my friends. Just about ready for Volume 2. Thank you so much."

Abi Baker
Douglas, UK


"I have found that the interval training definitely burns more calories."

"Hi Yuri, I just to let you know that I am currently still training on Treadmill Trainer Volume 1 but have increased the incline to 3% for the last few workouts and do the whole workout, I thoroughly enjoy it although it is still quite a challenge, I was running before I started this for 18 minutes continuous but have found that the interval training definitely burns more calories, and also find that having a you as my running partner does help."

Emma Davies
Rickmansworth, UK


"It is amazing how quickly it gets you into shape!"

"I started Treadmill Trainer several months ago. I started with volume one. I ran a 2 mile race (my first race ever) and did pretty good. I went on to volume 2 and then ran a 5k. I never thought I could run that far and I did it in 28:38! I then ordered volume 3 when a friend talked me into doing a leg of a marathon with her.

I ordered Vol. 3 on 8/28/08 and then ran 6.1 miles on 9/21. I finished in 58 minutes. I didn't break any records but I finished without walking at all!! I listened to my own music but I always had Yuri in the back of my mind reminding me to relax my body and to never never give up. I felt incredible afterwards, I could have kept going! What is even better is I talked my husband into doing a leg of the marathon as well. He had not run for months.

He started Vol 3. the same time I did and he ran 7.1 miles in the marathon in 55 minutes! We both love treadmill trainer! It is amazing how quickly it gets you into shape! Thanks Yuri!"

Alma and Travis Kemp
Billings, Montana


"I have lost 5 extra kilos from just running alone!"

"Thanks for the Treadmill Trainer™ experience. I have lost 5 extra kilos from just running alone. I have watched myself increase in fitness from only just managing to walk uphill to running consistently fo 10 mins at a time. You are easy to listen to and motivating and supportive.

I encourage everyone who thinks they could not possibly run for fitness to give this a go. They will be amazed at what their body can do."

Amanda Noel
Mount Barker, Australia


"...the improvements have been outstanding..."

"I had a break from running after my last marathon in Oct07. In March 2008, I started back and as something different I decided to use Treadmill Trainer™ volumes 1/2/3/4 as a way back.

To my surprise the time scale for improvement has been outstanding using these running workouts. At 57 it gets harder; however, I am further along in my training this year because I’ve been using the Treadmill Trainer. Great job Yuri!"

Gary Paterson
Fife, UK


"I love the sense of achievement!"

"I am not a runner and have never been able to run for more than a minute. I have now completed all of volume 1 twice this week. I feel stronger emotionally, as well as physically. I love the sense of achievement! My goal is three times a week for a couple of weeks then up the anti with volume 2. Thank you Yuri!"

Joanne Perrett


"Your programs have breathed new life into my exercise regime ..."

"I found Treadmill Trainer by complete chance and boy was it a great find!
My treadmill is in my garage and it had become very monotonous and difficult to motivate myself to stare at a brickwall for an hour!

Your programs have breathed new life in to my exercise regime and in just a few weeks I can feel the difference it has made. Thank you!"

Martin Lazell
Dunstable, UK


"I'm so proud of myself for being able to run 4 minutes straight."

"Treadmill Trainer Volume 1 has been amazing for me! I have wanted to run for years but every time I have tried I've been unable to run for more than a minute without getting a side stitch or being very out of breath. This was very discouraging as it caused me to quit.

But, I am now completing the whole 30+ minute workout in Treadmill Trainer Volume 1 and I can't wait to go for my next run. I'm so proud of myself for being able to run 4 minutes straight. Thanks so much!!!"

Raeann Lisiecki
London, Canada


"Thank you Yuri for this amazing program. It's has done wonders not just for my health, but my self esteem and motivation. It's bleeding over into other areas of my life as well!"

"I really love Treadmill Trainer Volume 1! It's so customizable for someone like me who is just starting out with running. For the first 3 weeks I just did parts 1 and 2, now I can make it through the full workout and I feel great! I ran 23 miles in my first month of using the program! For the kid who hated gym class with every fiber of her being, who always came in last, was picked last and was a total non-athlete all through

school, heck all through life, this is mighty impressive. Turns out, I have an inner athlete who knew??

Thank you Yuri for this amazing program. It's has done wonders not just for my health, but my self esteem and motivation. It's bleeding over into other areas of my life as well. After being out of school for 9 years, I'm considering going back for my masters degree. I know that if I can do this (become a runner, when all my life I believed myself to be weak and not an athlete) than I can do anything I put my
mind to. Deep down I've always known this. But running was a simple place to start and see results and to remind myself of my own strength and power.

I just wanted to express how grateful I am that I found this program and thank you for being the encouraging voice in my ear, pushing me along even when I can't do it for myself. I'll probably be on volume 1 for a while longer, the full workout is still kicking my ass, but I'm glad to know Volume 2 is waiting for me when I'm ready."

Amy Scheiderman
Champaign, Illinois


"Testimonial from a 46 year old couch potato!"

"I started with Yuri's Treadmill Trainer back on April 1 of this year. A girlfriend had bought Treadmill Trainer 1 and lent me her MP3 player so I could try it.

I do walk my dog 1 to 3 miles a day, so I wasn't a total couch potato, but I was close. Well, the first day, I couldn't even finish TT1. There was no way I could do that 4 minute run at the end. But I kept it up. I kept trying and I finally mastered it.

After about a month, I took the leap and bought TT 2. It was nearly impossible at first, but after a few weeks, I ran a whole mile without stopping for the first time in my life! I was so proud!!

I have now mastered TT2 and can run 3 miles in 40 minutes. I know that's slow to many of you but remember, I just started running 3 and 1/2 months ago!! Until then, I had never run in my life. And by the way, I love it. I'm one of those people who is cursing Yuri as I run but 20 minutes after the run, I feel great! I plan to run in a local 5K in October - should be a piece of cakeby then."

Laura Shank
Ocala, Florida


"I could NOT have overcome the psychological barriers I had built up to running without your programmes!"

"I have always hated running - to me it was a punishment. As a rugby player a poor performance on the field was always met with a long run or hill sprints in training - neither of which really suited my 100+kg's. So mentally despite keeping strong and playing my game I never put any effort in - rugby involves no more than a short bursts of running.

Now I'm in my 40's and my playing days are behind me but I took up the whistle which funnily enough means I have to run more. I mentally struggled to run a couple of minutes. First I used volume 1 and I couldn't believe how fast the time went by. After 3 weeks I switched to volume 2 and after 1 week started using volume 2 followed immediately by volume 1 to simulate the structure and volume of a game - 2 x 40 minute halves.

Yesterday was the first pre-season rugby game and I couldn't believe how easy it was - or rather how little it challenged the aerobic endurance I had built up. I've already purchased volume 3 but I intend using the volume 2 and 1 combination for a while yet; I need to build up greater speeds in my continuous running (volume 2) but I also intend to work on faster speeds using the active recovery of the walking intervals in volume 1 to near sprints in the run phases.

What I want to emphasise is that I do not think I could have overcome the psychological barriers I had built up to running without your programmes. I do not enjoy the process but I enjoy the results - my new goal is to become a strong enough runner to actually enjoy the running itself. Thanks so much."

Sean Baldwin
Pencoed, Wales

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