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Treadmill Trainer™ Volume 2


"Your Treadmill Trainer™ has helped me to keep on running even though I felt like stopping long ago!"

"I applied to get into the RCMP and was looking for a way to get myself into great shape. It's great to have your voice driving me on. Days that I haven't taken the mp3 player with me have been slower, and I've found it hard to give myself that little extra push that I normally get with you in my ears!"

James MacLean
PEI, Canada


“I know there is no way I would be able to go as fast or push as hard without the coaching your Treadmill Trainer™ workouts provide!”

Francine Ehrenberg
New Jersey, USA


"I'm amazed to be getting a better workout with less effort!"

"Thank you for these great programs. I've been running for the last 18 years with only limited success. Initially I lost 30 pounds, but that was ages ago, and over the years much of it had crept back and I no longer got the satisfaction I once did from my running.

Your program has reinvigorated my interest - by providing well-structured, flexible routines that continuously challenge me, I'm amazed to be getting a better workout with less effort than just trying to run for 30 minutes straight.

The mental boost I've gotten from your words of wisdom and inspiration have transcended mere excercise and entered the realm of personal enlightenment."

Brent Marsh
Penfield, NY


"After using volumes 2 & 3 I achieved my target and took part in The Leeds 10K"

"I purchased Volumes 2 & 3 with the sole purpose of trying to complete a 10k run for the first time ever at age 47! I was astonished to find that after using volume 2 I was managing to run a steady 5/6k when previously I got to 3k and collapsed...after using volume 3 I have achieved my target and took part in The Leeds 10K. A huge personal achievement for me which I could not have managed without your volumes 2 & 3! I now intend to try volume 4 and continue running! Many thanks."

Karen Gardner
Dubai, UAE


"Treadmill Trainer™ has helped me go where I never thought I could!"

"Originally I thought 6-6.5 on the treadmill was plenty fast and my personal max. Well without much planning on my part but, some semi-regular work outs have shown me that hey I can sustain 2 minutes of 7.5-8.0 and a max of 9 - it's just amazing!

The programs really give me the little push I need to get through the work out. Yuri's side stories and little words of encouragement all though I know them all by heart are still helpful. I love the program and look forward to making it to the 3rd volume.

One other thing I have sent Yuri, e-mails and he takes the time to respond to them, with all that goes on in life I am truly amazed."

Ryan Schoel
Calgary, Canada


"They pushed me beyond what I thought possible and I really enjoy them"

"In January, 2007 I decided that this year I was going to get really fit, that was my New Year’s Resolution. I walked often but not at any great pace or any great distance and tried jogging for an odd minute here and there.

I purchased a treadmill back in June and also purchased Treadmill Trainer volumes 1, 2 and 3. Believe me it was a challenge to get from running for 30 seconds to where I am at now as a result these fantastic running workouts!

I don’t believe that I would be doing what I am currently doing and at the level that I am running without your Treadmill Trainer™ workouts. They pushed me beyond what I thought possible - I love them! I still use Volume 2 and Volume 3 on a rotational basis once or twice per week because I like the variation and I know they help me to improve my endurance and push me on."

Cheree Schleicher
Brisbane, Australia


"I enjoy the intervals, the interruption to continuous running. Otherwise, running is just so boring. Thank you for the wonderful programs.

Natalia Albina
Karratha, Australia


"...with Yuri in my headphones I just felt so motivated to do it and I was successful!"

"Yuri, as you know, I am already quite a big fan of yours and have bought Treadmill Trainer 1 and 2 and Eating for Energy. I want you to know that these products are so inspiring and are priceless to me.

As a person who as quite a high level of fitness, been doing martial arts for just over a year, my biggest problem was running. I could never run for a long period of time. A few weeks ago i bought the first Treadmill Trainer and I have to say it was so easy to use and follow that I could finally focus on running.

Within around 3 sessions i felt that the first volume was not enough! I went and bought the 2nd volume. At first I was scared that I would not be able to run for over 45 min without stopping. But somehow with Yuri in my headphones I just felt so motivated to do it and I was successful. I have covered 6km, something I believed was impossible for me to do! I first did the 6km 1 week ago and since that day i have thanked Yuri in my head everday for making what I believed was impossible possible for me!

I urge anyone who has not tried Treadmill Trainer yet to go grab yourself a copy right now! I guarantee that you will not regret it!"

Tarun Maresh
Perth, Australia


"I have been using the Treadmill Trainers™ for the last 3 months and I LOVE them! I LOVE THEM!!! I had almost given up hope on being able to run until I discovered your programs."

"Before using the programs, I would experience pain during and after running. I would only be able to run for short times, usually either too fast or too slow. It wasn't until the Treadmill Trainer™ series that I realized my form and my pace were the problems.

Now, I am able to run without getting winded and fatigued. The pain has disappeared. The Treadmill Trainers™ are very structured and provide an intense workout in a short length of time. It is truly like having a personal trainer and a running coach right there by my side encouraging and motivating me with every step.

When I feel like I can't make it another step, your voice comes in right on time letting me know that I can make it. My confidence in myself and my ability to run, injury-free, has improved 100% because of your teaching in the Treadmill Trainers™. I purchased all 3 volumes and I use them everyday.

The wealth of knowledge and the teaching offered in the programs is priceless. Yuri, I cannot thank you enough and words cannot express just how wonderful the Treadmill Trainers™ are.

My life and my health have been forever changed by the Treadmill Trainer™ series. I am telling everybody I know about you. Thank you.”

Carolyn Bettis
Shorter, Alabama


"Yuri will keep your heart pumping and by the 6th minute you will feel sweat droplets pushing through your shirt!"

Prior to my trying his Treadmill Trainer™ workouts I felt as if time went by too slowly. But that all changed. After the workout was complete I felt exhausted, out of breath, yet eager to come back to the gym (or outdoors) for another run.

This is a great workout program and I look forward to Yuri’s new upcoming editions!!"

Jiri Smitka
Fort Worth, Texas


"They have helped me take 2 minutes off my time in our local 12km run!"

I’m one of your “down under” fans in Australia. I have been using the Treadmill Trainer™ for a few months now and find them great. They have helped me take 2 minutes off my time in our local 12km fun run and a few weeks ago I did a 50km trek through the Adelaide hills in 37degree heat.

During the last stages of the walk when I was feeling like it would never end, all I could hear in my head was you saying “Never give up”! I’m sure that was what got me to the finish line. I have told my friends about you and now have some of them addicted to the workouts as well.

Elaine Gulliver
Adelaide, Australia


"My last workout lasted 45 mins covering 4.75 miles burning 562.7 calories!"

"Hey Yuri, when i first started the workout with volume 2 I was running the full 45 mins covering 3.5 miles and burning 454 calories. I try to workout every other day and my last workout again lasted 45 mins covering 4.75 miles burning 562.7 calories!

Although i dont look forward to the workout (haha) i feel really proud when i have completed it. My aim is to complete in the great north run which is a half marathon next September. Thanks for the great running programes and I will be purchasing some in the near future."

Steve Porter
South Shields, UK


"I've shaved off almost 20 seconds of my race pace, lost five pounds, and best of all, I have reclaimed the joy I have while running!"

"I've been using Treadmill Trainer Volumes 1 & 2 for about three weeks now. I was a runner for some time before, but had recently had surgery that kept me from activity for almost a month. Yuri Elkaim's program was just what I needed to build my body back up. His calm and encouraging voice pushes me through intervals, and just when I think I don't have anything left, he talks me through another 10 minutes!

It has been a great program, and even in the three weeks I've been using it, I've already seen fantastic results! I've shaved off almost 20 seconds of my race pace, lost five pounds, and best of all, I have reclaimed the joy I have while running! Thanks Yuri!"

Matt Kuehl
New York, NY


"I am able to sustain paces on the treadmill that I havent been able to do in a couple of years!"

"I have been using Treadmill Trainer Volume 2 for a few weeks now and what is great is that I am able to sustain paces on the treadmill that I havent been able to do in a couple of years. I also think the difference in your programs is that you really cater to the runner in all of us.

I really appreciate that you take a nice long approach to warming up unlike other MP3 websites I have downloaded from who just jump in without a proper warm up. Your directions are clear and concise, non-intimidating and your approach to interval training makes volume 2 a great progression and challenge for new runners as well as a awesome workout for seasoned runners. Thanks so much! I hope to see more of these in the future."

Angie Cupp
Kingsville, Texas


"I think the intervals are helping burn more calories."

"I am new to running & slow but I feel Treadmill Trainer is helpinig me get faster. In May 2008 when I ran 5 miles it took me an hour. After using TT Volume 2 for awhile I ran 5 miles in 55 minutes. It helps me push myself & keeps me going. I love the fact that Yuri tells you when to speed up, slow down & for how long. No looking at watches or using a stop watch, you just do what he says & you'll start seeing some results.

Even though I have been running regularly I hadn't lost any weight but the scale has finally started moving downward. I think the intervals are helping burn more calories.

I am hoping to be good enough to do a 1/2 marathon next year & I just downloaded some more Treadmill Trainer programs to help me get there. Thanks for making these programs!

Sherry Barnes
Mishawaka, Indiana

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