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"I am doing the run about 4 times a week and feel my little extra fat burning off."

"I just wanted to say that the Treadmill Trainer Volume 3 is great!

I have been in the US Navy for 5 1/2 years and prior to that I was a gymnast throughout my entire childhood. After joining the military I gained weight, and got lazy. But I was selected to started running on the Navy women's runteam. I got back into amazing shape running 5-9 miles a day, that was the closest I had been to getting back to my gymnast body. But I was sent elsewhere in the country, and there was no more running team.

So I continued, with little success to run by myself. With the stresses of life, work, school, and remodeling a house and knee injuries I didn't have much time. I felt terrible and couldn't work off my stress like I used to. I am only 25! I want to push my body and see what it can do, and be the healthiest I can be. My husband and I both feel it is vital to keep at it.

I came across your training sessions online and immediately bought the Treadmill Trainer. I completed it the first time through which made me feel like I could still do this despite my recent time off. I only did 4 3/4 miles, but I did it. I felt and still feel great. I am doing the run about 4 times a week and feel my little extra fat burning off. I feel smaller and healthier. I weigh 132lbs now and am hoping to get back down around my 120's. But for now feeling like I can do this again is what is important.

So I just wanted to say thanks. I am enjoying the workouts and can't wait to get more. They are extremely helpful. They make me feel like I am on a team again and that is motivating."

Courtney Heil
Baltimore, Maryland


"What a workout! What else can I say."
"I covered 6 miles, burned 650 calories, and felt amazing - all in just 43 minutes. The Treadmill Trainer™ workouts are awesome! I've never seen anything that can produce such incredible results!
Jim K.
Toronto, Canada


"... I did a full 12k before the end of the 47 minute program..."

"I bought Treadmill Trainer Volume 3 to get me to the 12k in 47 minutes. The first time I tried it-it nearly killed me! I guess I was still running at full capacity right from the off instead of easing in gently as you suggested.

On my second attempt I tried to do as I was told, sure enough I was still kicking in too hard too early but I completed the run and didn't feel too bad. The secret is to know your individual effort level-50%,75%,etc and apply these as and when you are instructed to.

My third attempt was nearly perfect. It wasn't easy but I did a full 12k before the end of the 47 minute program and could still function afterwards.

I felt really good!

Your Treadmill Trainer™ program constantly challenges and gives a major workout to a running regime. I'll keep following this through the summer until it's comfortable and look forward to the next challenge. I'm hoping to complete my next 10k on Sunday in under 40 minutes!"

Here's to you Yuri!

Shaun McGreal
Chichester, UK


"'s good to have a voice in your ears pushing you on ..."

"I have really enjoyed working with Treadmill Trainer Volume 3 - it takes the pain out of having to remember when to start and stop your intervals and it's good to have a voice in your ears egging you on when really all you want to do is stop and have a nice pint. And when I get bored I try to predict what you're going to say next!"

Rob Hartel
London, UK


"An even greater bonus for me is that my body fat has decreased as well!!"

"Hi Yuri. Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying Treadmill Trainer Volume 3. I feel so energized after doing the session and am so much fitter. My running pace has increased and I feel so positive after each session - you are so motivational and inspiring. An even greater bonus for me is that my body fat has decreased as well!! Can't wait to get started on level 4!! Many thanks Yuri.

Debbie Wright
Bristol, UK


"After using volume 3 I achieved my target and took part in The Leeds 10K"

"I purchased Volumes 2 & 3 with the sole purpose of trying to complete a 10k run for the first time ever at age 47! I was astonished to find that after using volume 2 I was managing to run a steady 5/6k when previously I got to 3k and collapsed...after using volume 3 I have achieved my target and took part in The Leeds 10K. A huge personal achievement for me which I could not have managed without your volumes 2 & 3! I now intend to try volume 4 and continue running! Many thanks."

Karen Gardner
Dubai, UAE


"I'm amazed to be getting a better workout with less effort!"

"Thank you for these great programs. I've been running for the last 18 years with only limited success. Initially I lost 30 pounds, but that was ages ago, and over the years much of it had crept back and I no longer got the satisfaction I once did from my running.

Your program has reinvigorated my interest - by providing well-structured, flexible routines that continuously challenge me, I'm amazed to be getting a better workout with less effort than just trying to run for 30 minutes straight.

The mental boost I've gotten from your words of wisdom and inspiration have transcended mere excercise and entered the realm of personal enlightenment."

Brent Marsh
Penfield, NY


"...these workouts have increased my endurance, speed, and hill climbing ability..."

"Thanks so much for the awesome Treadmill Trainer workouts. Two weeks ago, I purchased a Hill Runner 1 and Treadmill Trainer volume 4. In just a short time, these workouts have increased my endurance, speed, hill climbing ability, and most importantly helped me to stay motivated.

This has allowed me to push myself harder during my workouts, and give me an added boost of confidence during races. I can't wait to try the other programs in the Treadmill Trainer Series. Thanks again Yuri!"

Lani Ralston
Connecticut, USA


"These workouts help me keep going when it gets hard.."

"It's a nice feeling to finish a training session knowing you gave it your all. The Trainer Treadmill makes this possible! I especially enjoy Treadmill Trainer volume 4 and 5. These workouts help me keep going even when it gets hard. Listening to your voice (over mp3) is a big help. I am an 47 years old former elite runner 2:28:33 marathoner but nowadays I just train too feel good. I still do races from 5k to half-marathons. Thank you for your help and motivation."

Lennart Bengtsson
Asa C, Sweden


"...the improvements have been outstanding..."

"I had a break from running after my last marathon in Oct07. In March 2008, I started back and as something different I decided to use Treadmill Trainer™ volumes 1/2/3/4 as a way back.

To my surprise the time scale for improvement has been outstanding using these running workouts. At 57 it gets harder; however, I am further along in my training this year because I’ve been using the Treadmill Trainer. Great job Yuri!"

Gary Paterson
Fife, UK


"After using Volume 4 for just 2 weeks, I shaved 3 minutes off my half-marathon time and the race was at an alittude of 1000 m and half the race was on an incline!"

"Hi Yuri, I decided to download and use your program Treadmill Trainer Volume 4 after a city half-marathon in Munich. I finished sucessfully but wasn't too happy about my speed of 02:03:21 hours for 21,0 km on a completely flat course under nice weather conditions.

Endurance is not the problem but I had the feeling that I just couldn't go faster than my everyday's same training speed. As I read and heard many times that interval-training is the key for speed enhancement I decided to buy your Treadmill Trainer 4 program.

I used it for around 2 weeks and finished another half-marathon race last Sunday. I finished 21,1 km in 02:00:30! While it might seem only a little improvement it is a very big one in fact. This last race was in the Austrian mountains at 1000 m above sea level with a total incline of 200 m up.

It was very cold and heavy rain was pouring down on the runners during the whole race. I could keep up my average pace even on steep inclines and also follow-up and overtake other runners when necessary. I even had the power for a final sprint of 200 m over the finish line. So I'm convinced that your programme is showing first results in my body. Thank you very much and I will continue using your very inspring and motivating program."

Katharina Kopp
Krailing, Germany


"I am following your 10k intermediate plan and it has helped tremendously!"

"I have never been a very fast runner but was able to do distance, completed a few half marathons and did regular 6 mile runs, I then moved to another town and lost my support of the running club I was with. 2 years later I was ready to get back into running and decided I needed structure and help to get myself back into running shape, and that is when I found your web site.

I have a 10 mile race in October and needed to find a plan to get me there. I am following your 10k intermediate plan and it has helped tremendously. So far I have been able to keep to it and follow the various treadmill Trainers you suggest. I have used TT1, TT2 and TT3 so far. Next week TT4 and TT5 and the following month Hill Trainer! They are fantastic and just what I needed to give me structure and a plan."

Kim Deere
Crawley, UK

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