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What Others Are Saying About Treadmill Trainer™ Hill Running Workouts

"I have been using Hill Runner 2 and I have seen great results! I am training for the United States Marine Corps and have been using Hill Runner 2 in conjunction with Treadmill Trainer 5. With those 2 programs teamed up, I feel like I fly when I run! Thanks for everything Yuri."

- Jordan Tuttle

"I'm addicted to the Treadmill Trainer Hill Runner Volume 1. The main reason is "MY FAT IS LITERALLY MELTING" especially my love handles. Also my legs, butt, and back feel stronger and toner and it's just been 3 weeks.

It is exceptionally challenging especailly the 1st part. I really enjoy the second challenge because it's shorter but faster. My mood feels awesome afterwards for 2 to 3 days - I feel like I'm on medication or something haha. I don't feel like eating much either just drinking since it makes me sweat like i've been under a shower with clothes on."

- Hussein Farhat


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Treadmill Trainer™ Rolling Hill "Sprintervals"


Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

Duration: 45:17 (for Treadmill ONLY)


By popular demand...

I introduce to you an incredible running workout focused around interval sprints combined with hill/incline running.

As you know, interval training is THE best way to improve your running endurance and to burn fat.

You also know that uphill/incline running is tougher - and thus more beneficial - than running on a flat surface for achieving both of those goals.

And now...

I've combined BOTH to give you the ultimate high-octane Treadmill Trainer workout!

WARNING: If you're an absolute beginner you'll probably want to put this workout on the back-burner for a while...

But if you've used any of the Treadmill Trainer Volume 2 workouts (or greater), then this workout is right up your alley.

This 45-minute session features 3 unique interval + incline challenges - lasting 9 to 12 minutes - that will provide amazing benefits whether done individually or combined for the full workout.

You'll enjoy my latest high-speed interval concoctions which include the "progressive interval challenge", "yo-yo interval challenge", and the "pyramid sprint challenge".

Shorter intervals. Faster speeds. Varying inclines.

It all leads to becoming a faster runner and burning more fat - in less time!

Are YOU right for this workout? Well, let's see...

- Do you want to burn more fat?

- Do you want to run faster (with less training)?

- Do you want to strengthen your legs, improve your running technique, and prevent high-impact injuries?

- Do you want to fly by your fellow runners in your next race?

- Do you want to have MORE fun and add some spice and variety to your existing running workouts?

If you answered YES to any of these, then the brand new Treadmill Trainer Rolling Hill "Sprintervals" is for you!

By the way, how do you like the name "Sprintervals"? I invented it myself - I'm pretty proud of it!

And you'll be pretty proud of yourself after completing this awesome interval + varying incline workout.

Get it today!

NOTE: This workout is for the treadmill only as it involves varying inclines throughout the workout.


Price: $19.95 (MP3 download)


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4 FREE BONUSES When You ORDER Treadmill Trainer Rolling Hill "Sprintervals" Today:

1. Treadmill Trainer Training Log ($39 value)

2. Treadmill Trainer Pace Chart ($10 value)

3. NSCA Speed Development Journal ($50 value)

4. On-Going Email Support ($150 value)

ORDER NOW $19.95


*Upon purchase you wil receive an email with your instant MP3 and PDF downloads.


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