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Strength & Conditioning for Runners (video + pics + workout trackers)



Strengthening Your Way to Fewer Injuries and Greater Running Performance!

Did you know that most running injuries can be prevented by properly strengthening your body?

Improving proprioception, balance, stability, strength, and power are all key elements to becoming a great runner and preventing recurring running injuries.

Strength & Conditioning for Runners gives you the ultimate 12-week strength training program specifically for runnners designed to prevent injuries while enhancing your propulsion!

This program features 3 phases (each phase is 4 weeks) with each building upon the previous and focuses on core stability, hip/glute strengthening, leg strength/power, and plyometric training for explosiveness.

When You Order Strength & Conditioning for Runners YOU GET:

- 3 workout trackers that you can print off and take with you to the gym (or at home) to track the progress of your workouts.

- 3 guided videos with instruction for all the exercises (watch from your computer or video iPod).

- Before and after pictures for all the exercises (print them off and take them with you to the gym)



Price: $24.95 (WMV, MP4, and PDF download)


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4 FREE BONUSES When You ORDER Strength and Conditioning for Runners Today:

1. Treadmill Trainer Training Log ($39 value)

2. Treadmill Trainer Pace Chart ($10 value)

3. NSCA Speed Development Journal ($50 value)

4. On-Going Email Support ($150 value)

ORDER NOW $24.95


*Upon purchase you wil receive an email with your instant WMV, MP4, and PDF downloads.

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