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"I found Treadmill Trainer by complete chance and boy was it a great find!

My treadmill is in my garage and it had become very monotonous and difficult to motivate myself to stare at a brickwall for an hour!

Your programs have breathed new life in to my exercise regime and in just a few weeks I can feel the difference it has made. Thank you!"

Martin Lazell
Dunstable, UK


"Hey Yuri, when i first started the Volume 2 workout I was running the full 45 mins covering 3.5 miles and burning 454 calories. I try to workout every other day and my last workout again lasted 45 mins but this time I covered 4.75 miles and burned 562.7 calories!

Although i dont look forward to the workout (haha) i feel really proud when i have completed it. My aim is to complete in the great north run which is a half marathon next September. Thanks for the great running programes and I will be purchasing some in the near future."

Steve Porter
South Shields, UK













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The Treadmill Trainer™ iPod Running Workouts

Motivation. Coaching. Pumping Running Music. Unbelievable Results!


Treadmill Trainer™ Volume 1

Attention beginning runners!

You’ve finally found the secret to make running easy!

As a relatively novice and untrained runner wouldn’t you agree that it would be very helpful to have someone help you through you runs?

Now you can!

Whether you’re on the treadmill or outdoors you will become fitter, run longer, and shed stubborn fat – guaranteed!

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Treadmill Trainer™ Volume 2

Ok, so you're fit enough to run several miles without walking.

Perhaps you've advanced from Volume 1 or maybe you're looking for the aerobic enhancing and calorie burning benefits of these incredible interval runs?

As a developing runner, Treadmill Trainer™ Volume 2 lays your foundation. In this workout, you will be guided through an energizing warm-up, 3 heart-pumping interval running sections, and a rejuvenating cool down.

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Treadmill Trainer™ Volume 3

Wouldn't it be great if you could prepare for that upcoming 5k or 10k with half the training and twice the results?

Treadmill Trainer™ Volume 3 is your essential running companion for eclipsing your old personal best and shining light on new and exciting peformance possibilities.

It's amazing what results you can achieve when you "look outside of yourself" for leverage and accountability. If you're ready to explore your physical boundaries and push yourself a little bit harder, then you'll fall in love with this workout!

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Treadmill Trainer™ Volume 4

Half-marathoners here you go!
So many of our clients asked me for a challenging running workout that they could use after completing Volume 3. They wanted something a little longer. A run that would be great training for half-marathon distances.
So, after much research and testing I present to you Treadmill Trainer™Volume 4.
Throughout this 75-minute run, you will blaze through a motivating warm-up, 10 minutes of progressive tempo runs, and 2 interval sections working at your 5k and 10k race pace. Depending on your average pace you could cover anywhere from 10k to 21k!

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Treadmill Trainer™ Volume 5

Ok, now we're getting serious!

Close to 90 minutes of continuous running featuring longer duration intervals at (and greater than) your 10k race pace, as well as, a 5k race pace full out finish, this workout is absolutely exhilarating!

This may well be THE BEST running workout you've ever come across! Do you want significant improvements in your race finishes? Would you like running results that will even shock your stopwatch?

Well, if you don't shave several minutes off your 5k, 10k, or half-marathon times after using Volume 5, then I'll give you your money back!

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Treadmill Trainer™ Hill Runner Volume 1

Hill training is a must if you want to seriously shatter some records. You'll be laughing when you come back to running on a level surface after this workout.

Your body wil simply float through it's stride and running will become that much easier and pleasurable for you!

And how often are running courses always flat when you run outside? Almost never! Therefore, to get the best possible results, it's important to train your body to excel at running up hills.

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Treadmill Trainer™ Hill Runner Volume 2

Speed, speed, and more speed!

Do you want to run faster? How would you like more power and explosiveness in each stride?

Well, this is the workout that will do it for you!

As in Hill Runner 1 you will get to enjoy 3 invigorating hill challenges but now you will be asked to run like the wind! Through your headphones, I coach you on how to run with excellent form as you blast though each hill challenge's lightning fast intervals!

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All of these workouts are instantly downloadable as MP3 files upon purchase.

Try the Treadmill Trainer™ Workouts for FREE

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