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What Others Are Saying About Treadmill Trainer™ Volume 1

"I am 38 and have never been a runner and needed much guidance on how to run. When I first started running, I could only run about 1/8 mile non-stop and I was done. Now, after 3 weeks, I can run 1.5 miles non-stop at a fast pace.
Amazingly, I couldn't believe how easy your program was to follow, not to mention all the great tips you give on how to become a better runner.
Thank you so much Yuri!  You and your Treadmill Trainer™ workouts are awesome."

David Wiessner
Rialto, California


"I'm 45 years old and I've never done any running at all but it has always been my dream to run. I downloaded your Treadmill Trainer™ 1 and I love it. It was just the right pace for me and I found your words very encouraging."

Andrea Jolliffe
London, Canada


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Treadmill Trainer™ Volume 1


Difficulty: Beginner

Duration: 38:28


Beginning’ve finally found the secret to help you start to running and to make running fun and easy!

It’s called Treadmill Trainer Volume 1 and you better hang on to your hat because this beginner running workout is awesome!

As a relatively novice and untrained runner wouldn’t you agree that it would be very helpful to have someone help you through you runs?

Well, imagine me running right beside you providing you with on-going motivation and literally pushing you a little bit more each step of the way. With the Treadmill Trainer, I’ve literally miniaturized myself and leaped into your iPod/MP3 player to be your running coach wherever and whenever you want.

As you press the play button on your MP3 player to launch this beginner interval training walk/run into action, you will hear my enthusiastic voice start you off with a nice light walking warm-up.

I then inspire you through numerous walking and jogging intervals that will make your running experience feel as comfortable as a hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day! And before you know it, you’ll have completed the running workout in no time.

You’ll have run longer and enjoyed the entire process while knowing that you accomplished your goal because of your desire and determination (and a little help from me).

Best of all, you haven’t even looked at your watch or had to worry about how fast or how long to run for. I’ve taken care of everything!

This isn’t fantasy. Treadmill Trainer Volume 1 is a breakthrough MP3 running workout for people just like you who are new to running and need the encouragement and guidance to meet their running goals.

Whether you’re on the treadmill or outdoors you will become fitter, run longer, and shed stubborn fat – guaranteed!

You’ll be experiencing everything you’ve ever dreamed of (and more) after just a few Treadmill Trainer Volume 1 workouts.

But don’t take my word for it. Take my mom’s! She’s never even owned a pair of running shoes (let alone run or worked out) until recently using this running workout.

It has literally peeled her off the couch, helped her start to run, and has shaped in her into a healthier and fitter person.

See for yourself. Just add Treadmill Trainer™ Volume 1 to your order and say goodbye to fatigue, stress, excess weight, and boredom. And say hello to a new you!


Price: $19.95 (MP3 download)



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1. Treadmill Trainer Training Log ($39 value)

2. Treadmill Trainer Pace Chart ($10 value)

3. NSCA Speed Development Journal ($50 value)

4. On-Going Email Support ($150 value)

ORDER NOW $19.95


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