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What Others Are Saying About the Treadmill Trainer

“While I've always enjoyed running outdoors I’ve often found it difficult to conquer the mental aspect of a treadmill workout, sometimes stopping after only a short workout, unable to maintain focus.

I purchased Treadmill Trainer 2 based solely on the testimonials on your website and the best word for me to describe it is WOW!

Your approach to interval training, both physically and mentally, is so enjoyable I actually look forward to working with you each day. I’d recommend Treadmill Trainer 2 to anyone looking to increase their workout stamina and/or enhance their running skills. Awesome!"

- Joseph Cichoki


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Treadmill Trainer Volume 2 - Advanced

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

Duration: 44:01


So you might be asking...

"What's the difference between this running workout and the original TT Volume 2 or TT Volume 2 - Intermediate?"

The answer entirely new way of training that will improve your running endurance like never before!

Another new addition to the TT Volume 2 series, this 44-minute advanced workout features a brand new form of run training that we call "pyramid progressive runs".

These challenging runs offer you a unique training approach to the traditional interval training runs offered in most of our Treadmill Trainer running workouts.

Again, the goal is to add variety and to offer your body a new challenge so that you don't hit plateaus and continue realizing amazing running and/or fat loss results!

This "variety" is one of the biggest reasons that most of our Treadmill Trainer clients use ALL of our running workouts. Each of our running programs offers you a new and unique way to enhance your running endurance, to help you run faster, and burn more fat.

Why waste time trying to figure out how to do so when I've done all the hard work for you?

All you need to do is download the program, load it up to your iPod or mp3 player, and hit play! That's it!

I coach you through the entire workout, injecting my unique inspiration and coaching points just when you need them the most! Plus, the new music that we had created for this workout is amazing, to say the least.

So let me ask you...

"Are you ready to become the best runner you can be?"

If so, then grab this Treadmill Trainer Volume 2 - Advanced workout and let's get started!




Price: $19.95 (MP3 download)




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4 FREE BONUSES When You ORDER Treadmill Trainer Volume 2 - Advanced Today:

1. Treadmill Trainer Training Log ($39 value)

2. Treadmill Trainer Pace Chart ($10 value)

3. NSCA Speed Development Journal ($50 value)

4. On-Going Email Support ($150 value)

ORDER NOW $19.95


*Upon purchase you wil receive an email with your instant MP3 and PDF downloads.

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