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What Others Are Saying About Treadmill Trainer™ Volume 4

"Thank you for this great program. I've been running for the last 18 years with only limited success. Initially I lost 30 pounds, but that was ages ago, and over the years much of it had crept back and I no longer got the satisfaction I once did from my running.

Your program has reinvigorated my interest - by providing well-structured, flexible routines that continuously challenge me, I'm amazed to be getting a better workout with less effort than just trying to run for 30 minutes straight."

Brent Marsh
Penfield, NY


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Treadmill Trainer™ Volume 4


Difficulty: Advanced

Duration: 75:43


Half-marathoners here you go! This is half marathon training at its best.
So many of our clients asked me for a challenging running workout that they could use after completing Volume 3. They wanted something a little longer. A run that would be great training for half-marathon distances.
So, after much research and testing I present to you Treadmill Trainer Volume 4.
Throughout this 75-minute run, you will blaze through a motivating warm-up, 10 minutes of progressive tempo runs, and 2 interval training sections working at your 5k and 10k race pace. Depending on your average pace you could cover anywhere from 10k to 21k!
That's what is so great about the Treadmill Trainer iPod running workouts - they're all based on your own fitness level! I provide the structure, guidance, motivation, and coaching but it's you who ultimately propels your body forward.
In a nutshell, this workout is designed to help you shatter your 5k and 10k personal bests while providing you with the necessary intensity and duration for half-marathon training.
In fact, did you know that your half-marathon training should more closely resemble 10k training than full marathon training? Not many runners know this. But you!
So take advantage of the best running workout available and you will run longer...while maintaing a blistering pace! Even if you have no intention of running a half-marathon (I know I didn't for the longest time) you can still benefit from the longer duration and adrenaline pump that this run provides.
If you're ready for the new generation Treadmill Trainer workouts (featuring new and improved sound quality) and want to run faster while covering longer distances with your runs, then you must order this workout!
So go ahead...take your cursor just a little lower and click on the "add to cart" button!



Price: $19.95 (MP3 download)


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