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What Others Are Saying About Treadmill Trainer™ Volume 5

"It's a nice feeling to finish a training session knowing you gave it your all. The Trainer Treadmill makes this possible! I especially enjoy Treadmill Trainer volume 4 and 5. These workouts help me keep going even when it gets hard. Listening to your voice (over mp3) is a big help. I am an 47 years old former elite runner 2:28:33 marathoner but nowadays I just train too feel good. I still do races from 5k to half-marathons. Thank you for your help and motivation."

Lennart Bengtsson
Asa C, Sweden









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Treadmill Trainer™ Volume 5


Difficulty: Advanced

Duration: 89:00


Motivated half marathon runners only! Otherwise, don't even bother downloading this intense interval training running workout...

Ok, now we're getting serious! Close to 90 minutes of continuous running featuring longer duration intervals at (and greater than) your 10k race pace, as well as, a 5k race pace full out finish, this workout is absolutely exhilarating!

This may well be THE BEST half marathon training workout you've ever come across (ok, Volume 4 is pretty awesome as wel)! Do you want significant improvements in your race finishes? Would you like running results that will even shock your stopwatch?

Well, if you don't shave several minutes off your 5k, 10k, or half-marathon times after using Volume 5, then I'll give you your money back!

I designed this super-advanced running workout to condition your body into a running machine that will propel you at a sub-7 minute/mile pace for an entire half-marathon.

You will be astounded at how your running performance will improve as you use this workout just twice a week! And, even if you can't finish the full workout you can do what I do - use each interval section as a workout on its own.

For best results, I recommend using this workout along with Volume 4 and Hill Runner 1 and 2. This combination will catapult you ahead of the pack!

Simply upload this iPod running workout onto your iPod or mp3 player and you're set to experience half marathon training gone wild!







Price: $19.95 (MP3 download)



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ORDER NOW $19.95


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