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It has given me the confidence that I can achieve much more than I thought possible."

- Josephine Fahy


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Treadmill Trainer "VO2max Challenge"

Difficulty: Suitable for ANY Fitness Level

Duration: 35:00


If you're interested in using a gold standard aerobic fitness test to see where you're at, then our brand VO2max Challenge is right up your alley.

Now, doing a regular VO2max test is very grueling and dangerous to do on your own. I've done several of them and I wouldn't wish them upon anyone!

Elite athletes and runners measure their VO2 max - or aerobic endurance - by undergoing this maximal run test.

But the good news is that the goal of this 35-minute workout/test is NOT to subject you to that kind of pain but instead to give you a taste of a "VO2-like" progressive running test to measure your running fitness.

Our Treadmill Trainer version of the aerobic test is much safer and usable by anyone - no matter your fitness level.

VO2max Challenge features progressively faster speeds and incline levels and is a modified version of the "real" VO2 max test. Not only is it an amazing workout but we also suggest using it to test your overall running endurance.

What makes this test or challenge unique is it's ability to assess your current running endurance. It's a progressive test which means that every 3 minutes we increase the speed and incline.

As a result, your body is forced to work harder as you approach the latter portions of this challenge.

The 35-minute workout begins at a walking pace and low incline and by the end has you running at 9.6 mph at a 10% incline.

But don't worry if you can't make it all the way to the end. The goal is simply to see how far into the challenge your fitness level will take you.

With this mp3 download, we also provide you with a helpful VO2max tracking sheet that enables you to track your distance, speed, etc... every time you do the workout.

NOTE: Due to the need to control the speed and inclination during this workout/challenge, it is suitable to be used only on the treadmill.



Price: $19.95 (MP3 download)



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ORDER NOW $19.95


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