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I Love Treadmill Trainer!

"As a 54 year old mother of six and grandmother of 9, I haven't done any running, except after kids, for well over 10 years.  

After just a few weeks, volume 1 of Treadmill Trainer is quite easy for me, and I am learning to reward my positive behaviour of exercise, with positive statements.  I feel totally empowered and have registered for a 10K walk/jog race!  I can't believe that even I am doing this; I AM a RUNNER!" 

Doreen Menu 
B.C., Canada



"I just got back in from a run using Treadmill Trainer Vol 1. I must say that I have really enjoyed the motivation you get from using it.

I am a beginner and could not run for longer than about a minute. After using Tradmill Trainer for the last 3 weeks or so my running has greatly improved. Thanks Yuri!"

Andrea Snudden
Perth, Australia



"Hi Yuri, I am a 10 year breast cancer survivor so am extremely motivated to keep up a healthy lifestyle - with exercise being a critical component.  

I have always wanted to be a runner but have tried unsuccessfully off and on over the years to develop a routine.  Thanks to your excellent Treadmill Trainer programs I have incorporated TT1 into my life.  This program finally has shown me how be a runner.  I am looking forward to doing a 5k this summer. Thanks for being beside me on every run - I couldn't have done it without your help."

Kim Dupuis
Richmond Hill, Ontario



"Hey Yuri! Volume 4 has made such a difference in my training. I was looking all over for a comprehensive 1/2 marathon training program. Your program is all I had hoped it to be and more! Not only is the instruction clear and easy to follow but you have inspired me to push harder and acheive better time. You helped me to raise the bar, and set new goals.

The training program is motivating and inspiring. As a result of your program, I have been able to tweak my running to challenge myself even more. I don't think I have ever had such hard runs in my life. The Treadmill Trainer has challenged my running pace which is the key factor that has made my runs so much more interesting.

I look forward to training with renewed energy and vigor - THANK YOU."

Holly Hedstrom



"I have found Treadmill Trainer brilliant to use. I have tried interval training before, but it wasn't easy to keep checking the watch etc, more time was spent looking at my watch than concentrating on running.

Treadmill Trainer has been the answer for me. Now, I look forward to my runs and progressing onto Volume 2."

Jeff Butler
Sutton, UK





Here's How the Treadmill Trainer Workouts Will Help You:

YOU WILL Learn How to Run Even if You've Never Run in Your Entire Life! 
Because you'll have my (Yuri) voice over your headphones providing you with on-going encouragement, motivation, and guidance to make running as easy as walking!  The Treadmill Trainer™ workouts will tell you exactly when to walk (and for how long) and then when to pick up your pace into a light jog.  Before you no it you'll be running without needing to take a break.
What this means is that you won't have to worry about how to start running.  Never again will hop onto a treadmill or run outside without any idea of what you're going to do to make running a successful endeavour.  Because you'll have my running coaching over headphones, you won't have to worrry about anything - just listen to my coaching and your body will follow!
Really, what this means to you is that you can finally feel like a success at running!  Even if you've never run before, or have started and stopped, or lacked the motivation to run, or would fed with feeling like a failure, the Treadmill Trainer ™ running workouts will pump you up and make you feel like the champion that you really are!
The reason I say that is because my Treadmill Trainer™ running workouts have helped so many runners of all levels but especially those who are just starting out!  These one-of-a-kind running programs have helped over 3,441 runners just like you!
Would it be worth having me coach you in order to go from someone who can't run for more than a few moments without huffing and puffing into someone who can't stop running?

YOU WILL Run Faster, Farther and Longer With Just 2 Runs Per Week!
Yes, that's'll only need 2 runs per week because of the result-oriented structure and design of these riveting interval training mp3 running workouts. 
Which means that you're going to look, feel, and run better without being out of breath or tired with less time spent running.
What that really means is that you won't have to spend countless hours exercising.  Instead, you'll be able to spend more time doing the things you really enjoy like spending time with friends and family, reading, and whatever else is most important to you! 
The reason I mention that is because my Treadmill Trainer™ running workouts have helped over 3,441 (and counting) novice and more advanced runners do just that. 
Also, hundreds of studies have shown that interval training is by far the most effective training method to improve your endurance, speed, and overall aerobic capacity.  For instance, a 2005 study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that after just two weeks of interval training, six of the eight college-age men and women doubled their endurance, or the amount of time they could work at moderate intensity before exhaustion. Eight volunteers in the control group, who did not do any interval training, showed no improvement in endurance.

Researchers at McMaster University in had the exercisers sprint for 30 seconds, then either stop or continue gently for four minutes. A dramatic improvement in endurance was noticed after only 15 minutes of intense intervals spread over two weeks.
On May 2, 2007 The New York Times released an article touting the benefits of interval training. Here's a sample of what was said:

" findings suggest that for at least one workout a week it pays to be both tortoise and hare — alternating short bursts of high-intensity exercise with easy-does-it recovery...This alternating fast-slow technique, called interval training, is hardly new. For decades, serious athletes have used it to improve performance...Best of all, the benefits become evident in a matter of weeks. "


YOU WILL Have More Motivation to Run Than You Ever Thought Possible!
Wouldn't that be invaluable? 
And I know YOU will feel more motivated to run because of my inspiring and motivating running coaching right over your headphones, which means that you'll keep running even when all you want to do is give up, slow down, or perhaps not even get out of bed in the first place!
What that really means to you is that you'll finally realize your running and fitness goals, be able to show off your new fit body, and have a sense of deep satisfaction knowing that you are a success! 
The reason I say that the majority of running using the Treadmill Trainer™ mp3 running programs (in fact, 83% of them based on a recent survey) report that my coaching is so motivating and inspiring that are blown away by the fact that they just keep on running, and running, and running faster!
In your opinion, do you think having that kind of motivation would be useful for you?

YOU WILL Burn 2x as Many Fat Calories in Half the Time!
Experience from our runners and numerous scientific studies have shown this to be the case because of the interval training structure of the Treadmill Trainer™ workouts! 
Intervals allow you to run faster and spend more time at a higher percentage of your maximum heart rate (causing you to intake more oxygen) which means that you burn more calories (and fat) because you burn 5 calories for every liter of oxygen that you consume. 
And what that really means is that you get to spend less time running while benefiting from greater fat-burning results!
I say that because over the past 30 years an arsenal of studies have shown that interval training burns more calories, fat, and boosts your metabolism for up to 24 hours after an interval workout as short as 20 minutes!  For instance, a 2006 study from the Journal of Applied Physiology that showed with as few as 7 interval training workouts women showed marked reductions in body fat and blood fat levels!  In fact, after interval training, the amount of fat they burned in one hour of exercise increased by 36 percent!
Researchers from an earlier study in the journal Metabolism revealed that interval training is more favourable to burning fat compared to long duration, slow cardio. 
I could go on but I'm sure you catch my drift.
So in your opinion, do you think that spending less time running while getting twice the fat burning effects makes sense for you?

YOU WILL Never Feel Bored While Running Ever Again!
Because of the interval nature of workouts, my on-going motivation and running guidance over your headphones, and the pumping running music, there's no possible way you'll ever feel bored again while running.  This means that you won't even notice the minutes and miles fly by during your runs, which in turn, will probably allow you to cover more distance without even noticing it!
What this really means is that you'll feel amazing for completing your runs.  You'll enjoy your runs so much more having me as your running coach to keep your mind focused where it matters most, you won't even want to look at your watch or the clock.
Need proof?  Just look at all the incredible testimonials on this web page from people, who previously would have rather shot themselves in the foot because their runs were so boring, that are now running machines...and loving it!  In fact, many of our runners now say that they don't even run unless they have the Treadmill Trainer™ in their ears!

YOU WILL Never Again Have to Worry About How Long to Run, At What Pace, When to Speed Up, or When to Slow Down...
Because my auditory coaching will tell you all of that...and more!  Which means that you'll have peace of mind during your runs and get to focus on enjoying your run.  What that really means to you is that you won't miss out on those "magic moments" that make life so special.  You'll be fully immersed in the moment feeling how your good your body is feeling and sense it's radiating energy as you stride forward through your run. 
I guess you can imagine yourself gliding like an airplane on autopilot.  You (the pilot) are in control, but can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as I (the autopilot command) guide you through the most amazing "flight" of your life!

YOU WILL Finally Make Running a Consistent Priority in Your Schedule...
Because of the Treadmill Trainer™ 5k, 10k, and half-marathon 12-week training schedules that will provide you with a day-by-day and week-by-week running plan, giving structure to your training.  This means that you'll know exactly when to run and when to take a day off.  Which really means that you'll be become a faster and more endurant runner without falling prey to overtraining injuries like so many runners do.
The reason I say that is because most runners don't follow a proper training schedule. They simply lace up their shoes and run! As a result, they become more susceptible to injuries and little progress in their ability to run faster or longer.
Without knowing when and how to increase your mileage, your pace, and when to recover, how are you supposed to become a better runner, let alone prevent overtraining injuries?
Do you feel that having a training plan could help be a more consistent runner?
After all, how can you expect to be more consistent if you keep doing what you've always done?

YOU WILL Have Your Own Running Coach Wherever and Whenever You Want...
Because I'll be on your iPod or mp3 player!  Whether you want to run on the treadmill or outdoors all you have to do is hit play and you'll hear my uplifting voice guide you through the best runs of your life! 
Which means that you can take me (the Treadmill Trainer) wherever you want and run with me whenever you want.  Heck, maybe you like running at 6 in the morning or 11 at night?  But do you have a friend or a running coach that does?  Probably not!  But now you do! 
Take me to the gym, to the park, on your next vacation, on your home treadmill - wherever you like to run!
What that really means to you is that you can have expert running coaching, motivation, and encouragement whenever you like!  No longer will you have to depend on a running group or unreliable friends.  I'm with you all the time - you just have to hit play! 
After all, you wouldn't want to run all alone, would you? 

YOU WILL Discover The Exact Foods to Eat Before and After Your Runs That Will Energize You to Run Faster, Recover Quicker, and Bounce Back Stronger!
Most runners don't eat properly and thus suffer dearly!  Are you one of them?
Well, you won't be anymore because the Treadmill Trainer™ Nutrition for Runners guide will provide you with the highest quality eating guide for runners based on all of my performance nutrition secrets from years of playing professional soccer as well as my extensive knowledge from being one of the most sought after nutrition experts in the field!  You will not find this information anywhere else!
What that means is that you'll understand which foods and fluids will help you become a better runner and speed up your recovery time.  By providing your body with the highest quality foods/fluids you will feel like a high performance sports car!  You'll run faster and longer without feeling as tired as you currently do because of the foods you're eating right now that are robbing your body's energy!
And that really means that not only will your running dramatically improve but so too will your overall health, your energy levels, the way your body looks, and you'll feel absolutely outstanding!
I say that because I've applied these same nutrition principles with thousands of recreational and high-performance athletes.  In fact, since applying these nutrition guidelines with the Men's Soccer program at the University of Toronto (and believe me these guys run!!!), the team has consistently ranked in the top 3 in the country over the last 5 years!
In your opinion, would it be worth learning how to eat properly in order to achieve your running, health, and bodyweight goals?

YOU WILL Avoid Common Running Injuries...
Because my Strength & Conditioning and Stretching for Runners programs will give you step-by-step video instruction on how to warm-up before your runs, how to cool down and stretch afterwards, and how to strengthen your body specifically for running.
What that means is that you'll be able to condition your body to become more resilient, more flexible, and stronger so that you are not held back by nagging running injuries or excessive muscle soreness from your runs.
And that really means that you can be a more consistent runner because you'll always be in peak shape, in contrast to most other people who complain about feeling sore, having tight muscles, or succumbing to ridiculous little injuries. 
The reason I say that is because most runners (and exercises) don't warm-up properly.  In fact, most people spend their warm-up (if they actually do one) stretching when their body isn't even warm!  I hope you aren't one of them.  Furthermore, most runners spend so much time running that they don't strengthen or stretch their body appropriately.  This becomes a huge risk factor for injury! 
Also, if you want to lose weight then you need to be following a properly designed strength training program - you'll get all of that here!
So, If you were to go ahead with the Treadmill Trainer running workouts today, can you see how important it would be to also get your hands on the Stretching for Runners and Strength & Conditioning for Runners programs?  
I certainly hope so! 

The TT Spectrum

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